Hybrid Option 1: Room Connectivity Packages

Meeting your needs

Hybrid meetings and events are fast becoming the ‘new normal’ so Meetings & Events at Club Chelsea have ensured we have technology in place to support your events.

Utilise our purpose built packages to deliver a seamless hybrid meeting or event.


Room Connectivity Packages

Room Connectivity Packages enable you to deliver your event to a larger onsite audience, so a presentation in one space can also be live to another space in the Stadium. 

Prices include Signal matrix to include operator that allows content to be pushed across rooms. 

Connect two meeting rooms

Connect 2 rooms – Content only – £1,000.00

Connect 2 rooms – Live camera in one room – £1,600.00

Connect 2 rooms – Live camera in both rooms – £2,200.00

Connecting multiple meeting rooms (up to 6 at any one time)

Connect rooms – Content only – £2,000.00

For each camera please allow an additional £650.00

Wi-Fi Speed:

Bandwidth – 1GB

Upload Speed – 70MB

Download Speed – 70MB

Hardwired connections are also available

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