ePremier League Chelsea Club Play Offs

ePremier League Chelsea Club Play Offs
150 delegates

Event Brief

The ePremier League tournament, organised by Premier League, EA Sports and G-Finity, was the first of its kind in the UK. The event, which spanned all 20 Premier League clubs, is run in association with FIFA and works in collaboration with the FIFA eWorld Cup. The goal was to find one player to represent the ePremier League in the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Over 6,000 registered online to represent Chelsea Football Club. After a series of online qualification stages a shortlist was drawn up of 32 players with the potential to represent Chelsea FC.

The Event

On the day, the second stage of the play offs to become Chelsea FC’s ePremier League representative took place in the venue’s Great Hall; at 1400sqm its largest and most versatile event space. With the support of Chelsea FC’s expert team, the Great Hall was transformed into the perfect gaming environment, complete with PlayStation 4 and Xbox console stations ready for the elimination rounds, spectator zones fitted with comfortable seating and a large 2x3m viewing screen showcasing all the action.

To complete the gaming experience, the Great Hall was filled with Chelsea FC and ePremier League branding, including backdrops, neon signs and pull-up banners. The event was streamed across digital channels, with highlights posted on YouTube and Chelsea TV.

Sports presenter Rachel Stringer and pro-gamer Wolfy Playz not only hosted the event, but also participated in Instagram Story interviews and made live announcements throughout the event. Commentating on all things FIFA and the tournament itself were gamers Mark ‘Onset’ Hatcher and Dan Gaskin, as well as former footballer and Chelsea TV presenter Jason Cundy.

On arrival all 32 shortlisted representatives were given a personalised Chelsea FC shirt, printed with their gamer name, before being directed to their individual gaming station. .

G-Finity and ePremier League worked closely with Chelsea FC’s expert AV partner, Peachy Productions, to set-up all technological equipment and facilities for the play offs. This included enhanced internet capabilities, wiring, signals, power, spacing and equipment.

The catering team created a menu to suit all necessary dietary requirements. Dishes included macaroni cheese with a variety of toppings, including wild mushrooms with smoked garlic, thyme, red onion confit and stilton, hot smoked chicken with chipotle, smoked paprika, chorizo and Spanish blue cheese, and sides such as waffle fries and jars of crispy shallots and pork scratchings.


The events team showed extensive knowledge of the stadium and its capabilities. Without their help, we would not have been able to produce the event in the way that we did. We put our trust in their team and they delivered