Chelsea goes green for energy

Chelsea has switched energy suppliers to Brook Green, which has seen our carbon footprint decrease since the beginning of September.

Brook Green provides the club with electricity from renewable sources, including wind, landfill gas and solar generation. All gas supplied has been carbon offset using United Nations-certified carbon credits approved under the Kyoto Protocol. Asides from emissions reductions, these projects also meet United Nations sustainability criteria.

‘This is a massive change for us as we use a lot of energy across Stamford Bridge, Kingsmeadow and Cobham, which produces a big carbon footprint,’ says Head of Facilities Jamie Gray. ‘Brook Green will see our impact decrease, from our office lights to pitch floodlights, supporting our sustainability initiatives and support our bid to climb up the Sports Positive League table,’

But, it’s not just our energy supplier that can help the club be more sustainable, with rising energy costs and the impact on the environment, colleagues have a part to play in the campaign.

Sustainability working group member Lucy Adamson adds: ‘It’s everyone’s responsibility to support the club’s efforts, and it’s as easy as making sure you switch off all your equipment when you leave your desk every day.’

The Sustainability working group works closely with Jamie and his team, as well as the club’s sustainability consultant, to find more ways to make our club sustainable.