Teambuilding add-on: Escape Rooms

Book an ‘Escape Room’ as part of an event or as an add-on experience to any DDR package

Mobile Escape Room

Locked inside our completely bespoke structure, each team will be transported into a 1950’s asylum. Teams must work together and work fast, searching through patient notes and belongings to find the puzzles and clues that will lead them to their escape. The aim of the game is to escape before the morning med round begins. Do you have what it takes to escape?

30/45/60 minutes
Up to 10 participants per game

£1000.00 + VAT

City Centre Escape

Search high and low in the most unlikely of places as you navigate this treasure hunt with a twist. Turn any venue of your choice into the largest escape room you will ever experience. Each team will be armed with a survival pack containing every thing needed to complete the challenges. As you reach each check point you will have to use your initiative to decipher codes and locate hidden objects, but be as sneaky as possible to ensure your rival teams do not follow you to the check points. Quite simply the first team to complete all the challenges and return to base wins.

60 minutes
1-50 or 50-100 participants per game

From £1500.00, plus room hire + VAT

Other team-building add-on packages are available.

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